Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Hi to all my Gal Pals,

Well, it is official. On May 1st I will be 71 years old. That kinda freaks me out. Last year, when I turned 70 it was no big deal because I considered myself on the border of being in my 70’s. This year I am no longer on the perimeter, I am actually “in” my 70’s. I remember being in college taking so many child development classes but I did take one class in human development that covered all stages of life. One of my assignments for that class included interviewing someone who might be considered of the “geriatric age ” or “elderly”. I have just realized that I interviewed someone about the same age as I am now! WHAT? Can that be true?! I agree with Oliver Wendell Holmes, a supreme court judge who once said “Old age is always 15 years older than I am”. There are so many definitions and connotations for someone over 60. Are we senior citizens typically defined as an elderly or retired persons? Are we considered old meaning we have a been alive for a long time and, to our youth obsessed culture, is associated with being useless, fragile or obsolete? Are we elderly which means the wrinkling of our skin and who many consider old and frail? Are we geriatric implying we are worn out or senile? All these terms are very negative and unfortunately society labels us as such. It’s as Aunty Acid says “I just realized when 20 year olds talk about “OLD PEOPLE” they are talking about us”. But didn’t we do the same thing when we were younger? According to Gene D. Cohen, MD., PhD., founder of the GW Center for Aging, Health and Humanities, I am in the phase considered “a time of review and resolution and heralds a desire to give back. The review is of one’s life with recognition of its meaning.” In my human development class many years ago I studied the stages of life as depicted by psychoanalyst Erik Erickson who’s definition of old age, which starts at 50, as the age of wisdom. According to Aunty Acid life begins at 50 but so does menopause, rheumatism, rubbish eyesight, forgetting why you walked into a room, and the tendency to tell a story to the same person 3 or 4 times. I think I am going with wisdom.

As you have already figured out I LOVE lots of color in my clothes. I love wearing multiple shades of the same color or the many colors of the rainbow. In fashion history, the middle-class Americans only started wearing colorful clothes regularly for less than a century. Wearing color was seen as a sign of wealth. “There was a practical element to the lack of color pre-1920, because colorful clothes got dirtier quicker” says Deirdre Clement, fashion historian. As royals and elites didn’t have to worry about getting dirty, they could dress as brightly as they wanted to dress. If you were not of the upper class, people were considered “immoral” and “gaudy” if they were dressed in colorful clothes. It would be something worn by the prostitutes in the cities in order to attract attention to themselves. That changed in the 1930’s when middle class leisure time and tourism became popular and the sportswear industry began to grow. Vibrant colors and big floral prints were introduced to mass fashion. Whew! Glad I wasn’t born prior to the 1930’s or my reputation would have been shot.

I always like to add a gardening feature to my blog. I am going to put in a photo that is similar to one you have already seen but it goes along with my blog of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I pick my plants the same way I pick my clothes. When I planted this deck flower box I wanted to be able to sit on my deck and see lots and lots of color. I no longer have a backyard deck but I make sure when I walk out my front door I see lots and lots of color. When I buy clothes I like to wear lots and lots of color. That is what makes me happy!

OK, let the fashion show begin.

Can’t get more colorful than this! This wrap is like abstract art. It has splotches of color along with abstract flowers. I got it at Von Maur for less than $50 and I can wear it with many different colored pants. Here I have paired it with my turquoise Jams (I call them my I Dream of Jeannie pants). Underneath the wrap I am wearing an off-white, loose fitting, sleeveless linen top because the background of the wrap is off-white as are the shoes I am wearing.

The nice thing about the wrap I am wearing is that I can wear colorful accessories. I love to layer my necklaces. I started with a green and black slide around my neck then I added the necklace with the multicolored beads and triangular wood pieces (a gift from my friend Sue from one of her many cruises). The longer necklace came from the Free Trade store “The Bridge” in Holland, Michigan (great store!). The band of the black watch goes along with the border of the wrap and rings, bracelet and earrings go perfectly with the outfit (I really like orange and turquoise together).

It is amazing how you can build on a simple base of black pants and loose fitting black top. I am wearing a somewhat sheer, colorful, “block” colored blouse, black pumps and accessories and I have a casual and colorful outfit that I can wear almost anywhere.

The color of the shell and beads of the necklace match perfectly with the colorful blouse as do all the other pieces. I know it is hard to see the square ring but it was hand crafted and each side of the square has a different colored, beautifully cut, piece of glass.

This top reminds me of a rainbow cone. I love the symmetry of the top. The sleeves and pockets on each side are opposite of the panels on the other side. I have paired it with my orange pants that are perfectly matched with the buttons on the front of this top which are the stars of this top. Unfortunately I do not have a pair of solid orange shoes so I wore it with a very neutral colored pair of sandals.

You can see the adorable buttons in this photo. When you are wearing a rainbow of colors it is easy to pick out accessories because everything matches it. I have paired the outfit with orange and gold wooden bangle bracelets, and orange band watch, tangerine and green earrings and a two tone orange slide. It is hard to see the stones in the rings. One is a silver and purple gem stone “blocked” ring while the other has multiple colored gems in what looks to be little leaves.

Well, as far as my weight there is good news and bad news. 18 months ago in November of 2021 my liver doctor told me I had to lose 20 pounds over two years. So, the good news is that over the last 18 months I have lost 18 pounds. The bad news is that I have to lose 2 more pounds over the next 6 months. You would think this would be easy which brings me to the bad news. Over the next 6 months I will be going to BBQ’s, a wedding, vacations and several long weekends at the cottage all of which includes a lot of tempting foods. Also, I am a lot like Aunty Acid who says ”When things get me down I go to my happy place…the refrigerator”. I worry less about losing those 2 pounds as much as I worry about gaining back some that I lost. There is nothing worse than to be on a diet during the summer! I know myself well and I am afraid I will be like Aunty Acid who says “Just a heads up. I’m starting my summer diet…which has probably ended by the time you’re reading this”.

Until next month, remember God loves you and so do I.

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