Hi to all my Gal Pals,

I want to talk about the side effects of getting older. I don’t mean to be negative but I agree with Aunty Acid who says “I spent my entire childhood wishing to be older….and now I’m here. Well, this crap sucks!“. I recently saw Katie Couric on T.V. talking about how she was only 6 months late in getting her mammogram and they found early stage cancer. Most of us find it uncomfortable if not painful to get our mammograms but I say to all of you who have not gotten their yearly mammogram “JUST DO IT!” (Wow, I sound like a Nike commercial). In my last blog I told you all that I was having a colonoscopy. I had my first colonoscopy when I was 58 and they found 2 precancerous adenomous polyps and I was told I needed to get a colonoscopy every 5 years. When I was 63 they found 3 precancerous adenomous polyps and again told to come back in 5 years. Well, when I was 68 Covid hit and they were not doing colonoscopies so I had to wait an extra 2 years. This time the majority of my 12 polyps were precancerous adenomas and one was very large. Now I have to have another colonoscopy in 1 year. I am a stickler for getting my preventative tests done on time and very fortunate that the results were not life threatening. Colonoscopies are no fun because of the prep but the test itself is easy for the patient because, hopefully, you are knocked out (otherwise you would know what a Muppet feels like!). I get it, there are no “butts” about it, colonoscopies are a pain in the ass, literally. So for all of you who have been avoiding getting a colonoscopy done, I say to you “JUST DO IT!”

OK, let’s change the anal topic of colonoscopies to that of fashion. I am sure we have all been asking ourselves this burning question (not) “Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?”. The theme of this fashion blog is landscape art. Fashion is regarded as a part of visual culture, a kind of body art. Prompted by this, some of the world famous fashion designers have made outstanding collections based on the art movement, allowing us to interpret fashion as a form of art. Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent incorporated artist Mondrian’s abstract painting into his collection. Designer Gianni Versace was inspired by the pop art movement pioneered by Andy Warhol. Designer Alexander McQueen was inspired by artist Gustav Klimt, the master of symbolism. Christian Dior was inspired by my favorite artist Claude Monet. Monet used his home and garden for inspiration and captured the natural landscape in his paintings. Christian Dior used to spend a lot of time in his garden drawing his collections just like Monet did.

I love to add a picture of landscape design that relates to my blog so here are a couple of pictures that depict perfectly the color, texture, and form of landscape design.

I don’t know who landscaped our townhouse units but they should be commended. I put the first picture in to show you how the landscaper planted a tree outside every door of all 180 townhouses. In the second picture you see the trees that surround the perimeter of the townhouses. The landscaper used form, color and texture beautifully to maximize fall colors. This last picture looks like a piece of art.

So, lets see how landscape art can be used in fashion.

I love this beautiful fall wrap! It is reversible and has a totally different fall scene with a different mix of colors on the other side. The landscape scene is a river flowing under a bridge in a forest of fall colored trees. The wrap is buttoned at the shoulder. Underneath, I am wearing a blood red orange turtleneck top and a black pair of pants. With a wrap like this jewelry is really not needed but I feel naked if I don’t wear some sort of accessories which you can see below.

There is no sense in wearing a necklace with this wrap because it would be lost in the landscape. I wore the tricolor bracelets on one wrist and the gold bracelet and watch on the other. I wanted to accentuate the greens in this piece of art so I paired it with a green ring and earrings.

The scene on this top reminds me of an old European seaside village. I always get so many compliments on this top because of the beautiful colors of the landscape. I am wearing it with my royal blue pants and navy blue shoes. It is a very comfy top that hangs beautifully over my tummy and hips.

I decided to use accessories of orange and yellow because I wore the royal blue pants to pull out that color. All the metals are gold and the earrings are also made of metal. The bracelet is made of wood. The necklace gets a little lost because of the vibrancy of the top but I feel naked if my neck is exposed and I don’t have a necklace on.

This is my favorite raincoat. The abstract landscape is that of a very modern city. It is kind of like a Dali painting. You can see the sky with the high rises of the city buildings and the streets down below. This is a reversible coat with the other side the solid color of the collar/hood that you see in this picture. I am wearing it with black leggings and over the knee suede boots. I am also wearing a black turtle neck top so the jewelry I paired with the coat also look good when I take off the coat.

I love the colors in these earrings. The library foundation that contributes to my local library had a used jewelry fundraiser. They sold used jewelry people contributed to the cause. You cannot believe the mass of jewelry collected. The sale went on for two days and they sold each piece for one or two dollars. These earrings cost me a dollar. All-in-all I bought 14 pieces for $21. I was in heaven! I just happened to have a ring with some of the same colors in the earrings. The purple bangles and the greenish- yellow watch go beautifully with the outfit.

Well, this is where I talk about my weight. Last blog I told you I lost 5 pounds due to my colonoscopy prep. Well, 4 pounds came right back. I did manage to keep 1 pound from returning. However, I may gain that pound back plus a few more because we are headed up to Michigan for the events of Girls Weekend in South Haven, Shop Till you Drop night in Holland and then, closing up the cottage for the winter. We tend to eat out most of the time and I don’t really make wise choices when I am on vacation. Why is it that it takes forever to lose a pound and no time at all to gain it? I remember reading a poster that said “Isn’t it strange that as we climb life’s ladder, everything about us seems to get fatter except our damn bladder!” Isn’t that the truth! That saying reminds me of something Aunty Acid says, “Remember: The length of a minute depends entirely on which side of the bathroom door you’re on”. Wow, doesn’t it seem that a good part of this blog referred to the excretory system? I promise to get my head out of the toilet before the next blog.

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and, until next month, remember God loves you and so do I.

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