All Wrapped Up, Birthday Girl

Hello to all my Gal Pals,

My birthday, the big 7-0, is not until May 1st but with my poor track record of getting my blog out on time I thought it best to celebrate with blog 32. I wish I could say I don’t feel like I am 70 but I do. Auntie Acid says it best “After 40 your body has a mind of it’s own and after 50 it will frequently remind you”. I am often reminded. I also am celebrating my 100th belly minimizing outfit! Speaking of belly minimizing outfits, I did something I have never done before. I wrote to a women’s magazine regarding my disappointment with their fashion section. I have been buying this magazine for several years and with each edition I would shake my head thinking “Do they really understand the women who buy this magazine?” Some of you will recognize the section I am referring to when I say “Who wore it best?”. They show two different actresses wearing the same article of clothing and determine who wore it best. It is not that I disagree with their choice but the outfit typically worn best is also the most form fitting. It is usually worn by an actress with a small waist and flat belly which is not the typical shape of the average woman over 50. We tend to have thicker waists and a belly bulge so we can’t wear those outfits that highlight the waistline. I probably won’t get a response from the magazine but at least I got it off my chest. If they won’t listen to me they should listen to Aunty Acid when she says “It’s true….life begins at 50 but everything else starts to burn out, spread out or fall out”.

It is 70 degrees as I am writing this blog so I am in the mood for spring and I just planted a container of pansies. They are very hardy and will live through the frost of the season but I will pull them into the garage if we go below freezing. I am thinking “flowers” so I decided to break out the spring outfits and highlight the flowers we have all been waiting for. I have done blogs about ruanas and kimonos but I was never sure what to call wraps that are a little of both. Let me explain, a modern kimono jacket has a front opening, loose sleeves, the front and back hems are the same length and they typically have a side seam that goes from sleeve to hem or close to the hem. A ruana does not have a side seam and differs from a poncho in that it has a front opening but it also has a front and back hem that are the same length like the kimono. The question is, what do you call a jacket that has defined loose sleeves, hems the same length all the way around but only has a few inches of a side seam? I found one website where these jackets are called “Kianas” meaning a mash-up of the two different styles. I don’t think they know what to call them in the Soft Surroundings catalogues so they call them “toppers”. I just call them “wraps” which is defined as a loose outer garment. I love wearing these loose outer coverups because they hide all my body bulges! I have accepted my bulges but as Aunty Acid explains “A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the people who mention it”.

First, let’s start with a small outdoor design. Just like with a simple outfit, simplicity can be beautiful in an outdoor setting.

Since I am thinking spring I have to have a picture of flowers. And to celebrate my 100th outfit I am going back to the beginning. I think I might have shown you this cluster of form and function. This was my front patio that I tried to make inviting so if one of my neighbors walked by they felt invited to come and sit a spell. It is a small little area that hopefully made those who sat down feel “wrapped up” in the beauty of nature and the warmth of friendship.

OK, let the spring fashion show begin!

My pose will be the same in all three pictures because I want you to be able to see the patterns on the wraps. This wrap has a burst of white and hot pink flowers (hard to see the pink flowers but they are there) on an orange background which is paired so beautifully with the orange jeans and white sandals. I typically don’t like wearing belts unless they have a buckle so I can keep it loose and I only wear one under some sort of coverup that hide my bulges. This blouse has 3 layers so I have the belt over two of the more form fitting layers and under the top free flowing layer. Because of the wrap, I am able to hide all my bulges. What I love about most wraps is that they are inexpensive but they make a big statement. I bought this wrap on sale for around $30 dollars. The accessories shown below really help to accentuate the colors.

These accessories match the orange and white in the color of the wrap and all metals are gold colored. Since the pattern is so bold, it is best to go with bold jewelry.

As I have stated in past blogs, I don’t like plaids but I love checked material especially black and white checks. Red just pops against the black and white material. The leaves are a deep green and look lovely against the red flowers. I have paired the wrap with a black pair of slacks and black sandals. The sleeveless blouse has two loose layers with the top layer being very sheer. This wrap was bought at Von Maur at full price for $35 and worth every penny. The jewelry below is meant to highlight the red and green of the flowers.

The red flower necklace was handmade by working women in Africa. The flowered earrings were hand crafted and bought last year at the Odeum spring craft show in Villa Park. I am looking forward to going again this year. The watch is exactly the same color as the leaves in the wrap. The rhinestone ring matches the checks of the wrap.

This is one of my favorite wraps. It has differing patterns and within each pattern are lots of little flowers. I am wearing it with my mustard color jeans but you have so many choices of possible colors because of the multiple colors in the material. I have on an eggshell colored short sleeved top, mustard color sandals and an olive green belt, all are colors in the wrap. This wrap was the most expensive. I already told you I would never buy any article of clothing for more than 100 dollars unless the piece was exceptional. At the beginning of the summer this wrap cost over 100 dollars at Chico’s. No way was I going to pay that amount for a wrap. By the end of the summer it was on sale for $59. With a coupon and my member discount I was able to buy it for less. SOLD! The accessories you can wear with this wrap are endless. I chose the ones below.

The olive and rust colors in the necklace match the colors in the earrings but they are not a set. Both are made of stone but the necklace is handcrafted and the earrings were probably mass produced. I paired it with rings with olive green and orange stones. The band of the watch is olive green. The eggshell, gold and silver colored wrap bracelet with a magnetic closure is hand crafted with a beautiful gold cross on the charm. I bought it at a South Haven craft show in the park while vacationing in Michigan.

Well, that is it for this month. I hope I can get another blog out before May 1st but who knows what will happen between now and then. As for my weight. I haven’t lost any more weight but neither have I gained back what I lost. Sometimes I can relate to Aunty Acid’s frustration when she says “Age is only a number, weight is only a number. I’ve decided that numbers are really starting to piss me off!”. I would like to know how the body decides where it will shed those pounds. Unfortunately for me, it decided to make my face and my waist thinner. Here is the problem, losing fat in my face highlights my wrinkles and losing weight in my waist highlights my upper and lower abdominal fat tiers. My midsection no longer has a belly button but it has gained a smiley face.

Until next time remember, God loves you and so do I.

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