Hi to all my Gal Pals,

Happy New Year or as Aunty Acid would say “Happy New Year – Try not to screw it up”. It has been awhile since my last blog. I have been so busy with going back to work to do a few evaluations, getting ready for the holidays like decorating (it takes 5 full days to decorate inside and outside), write Christmas cards (I’m down to 30), shop for presents (thank you Vicki for doing some of it for me) and hosting get-togethers (Christmas Eve and Christmas day). I am finally getting some needed downtime. Aunty Acid says it best “I’m in a really good place right now. Not emotionally or spiritually, just on my couch with my dog.”

I find that I become reflective around the holidays. I think last Christmas I wrote about my memory Christmas tree and thinking about all those who were important to me that have passed on. I think I am most reflective the week after Christmas and before the new year. The hustle and bustle are over and the day after Christmas I suffer from the Christmas Blues. I find that the day after Christmas I am still on overdrive but have nothing to do and I question whether I really celebrated the true meaning of Christmas. So I turn off all the overhead lights, turn on all the indoor Christmas lights (and there are a lot of them) and listen to my favorite Christmas carols like Silent Night, The First Noel and O Come All Ye Faithful. My favorite carol is Angels We Have Heard on High. As it played in the background, I found myself thinking about all my earth angels. I remember the pastor giving a sermon on how God puts people in your path of life to help you. He said they might be there for a minute or a life time but they are there when you need them. So as I reflected on the year 2021, I thought about all those “earth angels” that were in my life that made it such a wonderful year during a horrible pandemic.

I was fortunate enough to have a few “earth angles” in my corner this year. One of them is a family friend named Rick. Rick is not only a friend but is the best handyman a single woman could have in her life. For those of you who are single, you will totally understand. Within the first month after buying my townhome, the dishwasher, oven and water softener stopped working correctly. Rick to the rescue! He fixed what he could then helped me shop for and installed what couldn’t be fixed. He is very selfless and has helped all of us in the family for quite a few years. Another “earth angel” is my sister Vicki. We fought like cats and dogs in our younger years but during my husband’s and son’s illnesses she was my rock. No matter what I needed she was alway there and continues to be through today. I hope all of you have or had an “earth angel” in your life. Even better I hope that God will put you or I in the path of someone in need where we can be an “earth angel” to him or her. Don’t be an Aunty Acid who spouts “I’ve just found out the world doesn’t revolve around me. I’m shocked and upset!” We all know someone like that.

I love the fact that a bass guitar is much like my figure, a little bigger at the bottom. I also love that the words in Megan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass” remind us that women who have a little fat on their bodies are perfect from their bottom to their top. However, this blog is about accessorizing the “base” (a little play on words). A “base” is the foundation you build on. I have done these blogs before where I wear the same “base” outfit and accessorize it in different ways to create a whole new outfit each time. The monochromatic “base” in this blog is winter white. Winter white outfits are totally on trend and it is a color that flatters most skin tones. Winter white is never pure white and always has a creamy/ivory color to it. There is nothing more luxurious than a winter white outfit. It has the ability to make every ensemble look seriously expensive. It looks so chic and can lift your mood. For some of you winter whites can be daunting because you are scared to get your clothes dirty. Stop overthinking it unless you are klutzy or plan on making snow angels. I love Aunty Acids quote “You know what outfit looks best on everybody? SELF CONFIDENCE! Rock it and own it ladies!”.

I always like throwing in an outdoor scene that depicts the topic of my blog. Here is a picture of my townhouse with this year’s Christmas decorations. Last year I did an outdoor scene with deer, a tree and warm white lights. This year I took the same “base” and accessorized it with a snowman, a penguin and bright colors. You can totally change a look using different accessories.

My neighbors tell me they can’t wait to see my display for the next season. Sometimes just changing the type of plants or one new decoration can make a display look different from the previous year’s display.

OK, let the fashion show begin.

This is a great outfit for a more casual New Year’s Eve party. The gold metallic-looking Boyfriend jacket is a statement piece so your jewelry should be understated. The “base” is a winter white lightweight sweater, stretch pants and shoes with a 1inch heel. It not only looks good but is very comfortable. Just what you want to wear to party in on a long night.

Nothing looks better with winter white than pearls. The metallic pin and earring set along with the rings are gold like the jacket while pulling out the winter white color of the “base” through the pearls. A gold bangle and a metal gold and silver watch round out the simplified accessories.

This gorgeous wrap is not only lovely to look at but is also functional on a cold day. The wrap contains multiple colors of pink with green and winter white accents. You know how much I like a little fringe to add to the interest of an outfit. The jewelry goes perfectly to bring out the accent colors of the wrap.

I just bought this ring at an antique store in South Haven, Michigan. It has a beautifully carved outdoor scene in a pink stone. The multi strand green necklace helps to highlight the green in the wrap. The watch is a metallic rose-gold. The bracelet is a soft pink with gold trim and accented with pearls. The earrings are made of an antique gold filigree design with tiny pink flowers and white leaves painted on the metal.

I have three of these “transformer“ wraps. It can be worn several different ways. I think I wore my blue one in my blog “That’s a Wrap” but I configured it differently. It is a perfect length when worn as a vest with a monochromatic outfit. This piece was purchased at “The Beach House” boutique in Saugatuck, Michigan.

I love all the different designs and textures of this grouping. The earrings look like the feathers of the necklace and the metallic looking bracelet is made up of animal prints that also go so beautifully with the necklace. The taupe and gold watch along with the abstract design of the taupe and pearl ring match one of the colors in the necklace. They all blend so well together.

Well, let’s talk about my weight. Why is it that it takes four weeks to lose five pounds but only four days to gain it back? I recently went to see my liver doctor who told me I had to give up sugar and starches (like that is going to happen over the holidays). He also told me that the two pounds I lost put my BMI score in the “over weight” category which was better than the “obese” category I was in 6 weeks prior. I was so proud of myself I went out and celebrated with a scoop of ice cream from Coldstone. Well, Christmas sweets just put me back into the latter group. When trying to think positively I go right to Aunty Acid who helps me to remember “Yes, I might have gained a little weight this year but at least my flip flops still fit”.

Hopefully I can get the next blog out sooner. In the meantime, remember God loves you and so do I.

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