Bring It On Up!

Happy New Year to all of Pam’s gal pals! After re-reading my last Facebook post, I realized I referred to all of you as my “lady friends”. I decided that sounded way too matronly so this time my greeting reflects the fun loving nature of the women who are my followers. Pam’s “gal pals” is not as over-the-top as Lady Gaga’s “little monsters” or Beyonce’s “beyhive” but it does reflect a group of women who just “wanna have fun” with fashion. To all my educator friends who went back to work this week, spring break is right around the corner!

For all my new friends who are visiting the blog for the first time, you might want to scroll down to the introductory blog and blog #1 to understand what this blog is all about. In a nut shell, it is to give my opinion about one of my favorite subjects – “fashion”. Specifically, the fashions that enhance the bodies of those of us over 55 and are fun to wear (not necessarily what is currently trending). Since most designers don’t focus on our age group, we have to help each other. I use the clothes in my closets to discuss fashion styles (I have 5 closets because I never throw anything away).

I was just in Morris, Illinois,with my friend Caryn, to take advantage of the after Christmas sales at the cute little shops in the downtown area. I saw a dish towel for sale that really made me laugh because it was so true. On the towel was written, “Being cremated is my last hope for a smokin hot body”. At 55 and over, with all the body issues that come along with the age (belly issues, anyone?), we have to use our clothes to help minimize those areas we wish were a little smaller or a little more shapely. Just because our bodies are not perfect, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have fun with our clothes. Just because we are over 55 doesn’t mean we don’t want others to notice us! Never would I have thought that I would be using a quote from my favorite children’s author in my fashion blog but it was Dr. Seuss who said, “Why fit in when you can stand out!” So let me show you how I stand out.

I am going to start the first blog of the new year complaining about a fashion trend that I think is a fashion faux pas but is often seen on starlets and models in fashion magazines (and on my very fashionable daughter. Sorry Jess). Let me ask you, why do women create a focus by putting a “pop of color” on their feet? When women wear outfits that are muted, neutral, or monochromatic in color, why do they want others to look down and focus on their feet? Unless someone is trying to appeal to those who have a real foot fetish, I don’t get it. I wear a size 10 shoe. That is a lot of “pop”. If you can help me understand this fashion trend, please hit the word “comment” at the end of this blog and tell me what I’m missing. I was watching one of the morning shows today and the guest was wearing a red pair of shoes trying to match it to a little bit of red in her shirt. Her pants were dark and the rest of the print in her shirt was dark. When the camera pulled back to show her whole body, you could not even see that there was red in her shirt but my eyes were constantly drawn to her red shoes.

I always like to prove a point by using a design element in my garden. Below you will be looking at the outcropped area in the corner of my flag stone patio. It is filled with plants that don’t require a lot of water.

The bed contains some perennials that bloom in pale colors of yellow and light pink for a few weeks but it is the annual lantana to your right that produces vivid colors of red, orange and yellow providing that pop of color. It is still a young plant in this picture but at maturity it is extremely eye catching. The eye is immediately drawn downward to the lantana on floor of the bed because of the monochromatic background. It is not until the late summer that the eye is then drawn back up when the copper flowers of the tall grasses are in bloom.

The same thing happens when your pop of color is on your feet or on your pants. The eyes of the beholder will look down at your legs or feet. This is OK if you have on a great pair of pants or shoes but you need a way to draw the eyes back upward. That is unless your legs are your best feature and you don’t mind others talking to them instead of looking at your face when conversing. Seems kind of creepy to me but what do I know. So let me show you how to “bring it on up” so the eyes of those looking at you are closer to eye level or how to diffuse that single focal point so that the whole outfit becomes the focus.

I can’t imagine that the first item you focused on wasn’t this great pair of pants. I think this whole outfit came from my favorite local women’s retail shop. I feel like I have bubbles going up my legs. I bring the eye back up through my accessories. My white “bubble” necklace is enhanced by the black background. It is hard to see my earrings in this picture but they are black with white outlined concentric circles. My bracelets match the rope of my necklace. I love this top! It is made of viscose (rayon) and spandex. It is very stretchy and is a great length. However, if you have it in any other color other than black (the great minimizer) it can make you look like the broad side of a barn and reveal every bump on your body. Fortunately, there are ways to work around this.

For those of you who know me well, you know that this outfit is sooooo me! Fun, fun fun! This is one of those outfits where you end up focusing on the whole instead of it’s parts (Wow! That makes me sound like a psychologist. Wait, I am a psychologist!). These are the same boots I wore in an earlier blog. Instead of wearing them over the knees, I scrunched them up below the knees. The leggings are a wild paisley pattern ( I bought two pair of leggings for $12 at Walgreens last year). Your eyes might go directly towards them but they are quickly drawn to this great faux fur trimmed vest. I wore a black top to minimize my tiers (see blog#1) and this great necklace was the closest thing I had to a peace sign. The earrings match the necklace. I was just watching a fashion stylist on one of the morning TV shows who said the fashions of the 70’s are trending this year, especially tie-dye clothing. So, since I have been wearing this outfit for over a year, does that mean I am a trend setter or am I so far behind that I am just catching up to the styles of the 70’s?

Thank you, Blake Lively! She has been so instrumental in promoting this style. A more masculine look has been trending due to her fashion influence. I was just reading a women’s magazine in which a stylist said that a sleek, long blazer directs focus vertically for an instant long and lean look. I’m going with that! This pair of pants are like a Monet water color painting. They are wide legged pants that flow when you walk and have an elastic waist (yeah!). One of the reasons I love pants with a colorful pattern is that you have so many options for your shoe color. All it takes is a large, colorful flower pin on a black background to draw the eye upward. I am wearing copper colored earrings because there is a copper color in the pants. Don’t I look sophisticated in this pose? It’s amazing that I could figure out how to look like that. It doesn’t come naturally.

I threw in this summer outfit because I wanted to show you how a simple, brightly colored top could bring your eyes upward. I know it is hard to see but the center of some of the flowers are coral. I am very trendy in this picture because the color for 2019 is coral. I love this navy blue dress. I originally bought it as a swimsuit coverup. However, I also like to wear it as a top. You will probably see it again in a later blog when I highlight accessories. It is so versatile and hides all sins. The pants are so colorful that I could have worn any color sandals but I decided to match them with the navy dress. With all the color in this outfit, I wore a very simple, coral colored, flower necklace with matching earrings and pair of navy sunglasses. Boy I wish it was summer!

Well, that is it until next time. Hard to believe it has been three weeks since my last blog. Between getting ready to host both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day get-togethers with family and so many Christmas get-togethers with friends, the time has gone by quickly. Now I have to start getting my house ready to sell. I will miss my garden but will always find a way to enjoy the beauty of nature. As far as my weight, I have gained my usual 5 pounds from all those cookies and Christmas candy. Many were gifts so I had to eat them so as not to offend anyone. So I am going to get serious about losing a few pounds so I can fit in some of my favorite outfits. My New Years resolution was to drink more water. I am such a Diet Coke addict that it is hard not to reach for a can of pop. It is a hard habit to break. I am up to two glasses of water a day. Baby steps.

Remember, God loves you and so do I.

4 thoughts on “Bring It On Up!

  1. You are amazing I love you look it looks so good on you keep up the good work. You inspire me to try diffferent clothes in my closest.will be nice if I ever get out of this house
    Plover ya lots Pam. 🌹❤️👄


  2. Pam, I NEED one of those towels you saw in Morris. (“…smoking hot…”) Maybe hanging it up in my kitchen MIGHT encourage me to eat celery or carrot sticks instead of the peanut m & ms that just seem to disappear!


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