To all my friends far and near,

So many of you told me you would like a peek into my closets. As a school psychologist and BCBA, I was fortunate that I never had to wear the exact outfit twice during the school year. I was able to do this through creatively putting together pieces I had and the fun accessories I put with them.

However, this blog is not just about my clothes but rather about using them as a springboard for a discussion, with all of you, about fashion. I don’t know about you, but the magazines I read or the flyers I get are not reflective of our age group. Even if you found a company who uses older models, their bodies do not look like mine. There is a reason most women’s magazines have articles on losing “the belly”. It is not that younger women don’t have “the belly” but it is so much harder for us to lose it.

As someone who worked with children with behavior problems, I would start working on changing the environmental factors before working directly with the child. I use the same concept when deciding on an outfit that would enhance my body. I will work directly on my body during this blog because, like many of you, I have a few different sizes in my closets of clothes I would like to show you. So if any of you would like to share diet tips with me or offer words of encouragement, I would be grateful. One of my favorite Irma Bombeck quotes is ” I am not a glutton, I am an explorer of food”. If you don’t know who Irma Bombeck is, you might not be a baby-boomer. Have you ever added up the pounds you’ve lost over your lifetime? Considering how much I have lost, I should be really skinny.

I hope you will search for my blog each week and talk fashion with me. I will also be showing you pictures of my beautiful gardens to show you how nature influences fashion and vice-versa.

The blog officially starts December 3rd. Hope to hear from you then.

Remember friends, new and old, that God loves you and so do I.


6 thoughts on “To all my friends far and near,

  1. Hi Pam,
    Luv the ponchos! I have had a fondness for them my whole life! You look great in them! Lisa gave me a red winter coat that I love because it makes me feel adventurous and reminds me of your bold color choices that I’ve always admired!


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